El Espectro

organized by Jason Lazarus & Sean Ward

Joaquín García Icazbalceta 31, Mexico City (come in through yellow gate)

Wednesday, February 8th 5-8pm (reception), 2017
Thursday, February 9th noon-5pm
Friday, February 10th noon-5pm

Initiated in 2016 by artists Jason Lazarus (Florida) and Sean Ward (New York), PDF-OBJECTS is a growing collection of embedded text-object sculptures.


Participating artists are asked to submit to organizers:


-a single PDF of a text that significantly informs their practice
-a description of a commonly available object (valued at $20 USD or less)
-instructions on how to sculpturally embed the PDF and object together


PDF-OBJECTS is an invitation into the artist’s thinking and practice–an embodied library, a sculptural field–each object a footnote to the text, or vice versa. The design of the project encourages new moments of scholarship, pedagogy, and intimacy between artist and audience. Participating artists are able to update their PDF-OBJECTS at any time in order to reflect their current research and practice.


PDF-OBJECTS will be heading to Berlin in November, 2017. We are actively building partnerships with exhibition venues for future iterations of PDF-OBJECTS. Each physical exhibition of PDF-OBJECTS will feature both new artists local to the exhibition venue and international artists already in the collection. For project inquiries email pdfobjects@gmail.com